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Submission sites linked by hundreds of different signs.

The Internet is based on hypertext. Ideally, the site should not be a closed structure. Whatever information is not searched for users, for whatever purposes it does not, the sight is always some alternative must be found. This concept is the basis of present information WWW-Landed project.

Every day, our software checks the Internet for the appearance of new resources. Naydenov data systematized and formed a single list, which allows users to make a substantially continuous surfing the web. With us, the intern becomes fully transparent and accessible to everyone. Start your day with the search for new information!


The most recent and relevant information

The system will find information and resources for business entertainment

All collected data is carefully analyzed and systematized. Ultimately WWW-Landed allow to go to one page of the site and continue reading on the other. As a result, the user is able to address the problem from various sides. We are going to have erased the boundaries of a single domain and give the opportunity to work with the BEM internet.


A wide range of thematic resources

A variety of sites for business and leisure

Internet business

Portals and websites with analytical information, banking and stock news. Exchange Rates and much more ...

Sites for communication

Social networks, forums, thematic community. Presented as a well-known projects, as well as narrow-profile resources to communicate on selected subjects.

Science achievements

A wide range of new discoveries, technological innovations, news of theoretical science and practical application of discoveries.

Tourism and Travel

Buy tickets, hotel reservations, selection of tours and surveys of living in different countries of the world. With us, the trip will be easier!

Art & Creativity

We collected thousands of projects and film, theater, literature and painting. Traditional and new art direction.

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We guarantee that no one will know about your preferences. We remind that in different countries there are restrictions on the ability to not only broadcast, but also receive information.

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